In a world of superstars be an average. The world is no wonder, full of talented people, who are amazing in so many things and are the highlight of every gathering. Wherever you go, you get to hear about them because they are the talk of the towns. These superstars are good at almost everything, they speak well, they work well, they market themselves well.

However, on the other side of the world, there is another lot of people, who are not celebrated enough, certainly less talked about. They may also be good at so many things but not known to many. So many times, these less talked about are the catalysts of the change and are the drivers of the society. These people help make the great things happen in life, great people in life. All we need to learn in life is cooperation, being less judgemental, and keep trying in life. Above all, walk beyond this concept of validation from inside and outside, just stay focused and try to achieve your goal because at the end of the day, your end is something that will define you and your life you’ve spent.

Let me leave you with a question: Being not known and havng almost zero validation will make you less of a person, would you seize to be good, kind or anything for that matter?

Feel free to respond in the comment section. Would love to know your opinion.We can have a disscusion too.